Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pressure in The Media Today on Women

Media today has affected girls as young as three years old. From early ages girls get the message that only thin women are beautiful and only thin women can excel at life and do well. Experiments show, scientist put out two of the exact same dolls in front of them except for one was thinner and one was bigger. Nine out of ten times the young three-year-old girls picked the thinner doll. Teens are exposed to ten hours and forty five minutes of media in all forms everyday. Media’s pressure on achieving the perfect body is threatening to the mental and physical health of girls. For many girls media is setting unrealistic expectations. The “pressure to be a super girl is causing teen mental health crisis.” Says Yasmin Anwar of media relations, UC Berkeley.

In the media today, models are getting thinner and thinner. The average U.S. model now weighs 117 lbs and is 5’11, while the average U.S. woman is 5’4 and weighs 140 lbs. That means the average model is about 23% underweight and has a BMI of 16.3 which is 2.2 under weight on the BMI scale. The majority of models are considered to be underweight on the BMI scale. The media is showing
Gisele Bundchen Image from; Flickr jingdianmein
thinner and thinner women and it is celebrating it. How much thinner do we need women in our media to be to finally achieve “perfection”? People are already dying of anorexia all for the runway and idea of the perfect body. We are threatening the lives of women all over the country setting unrealistic body goals and unrealistic “supergirls”.

I think that media is definitely affecting the health of teen girls today especially since media has had thinner and thinner women on front pages. For example, plus sized models ten years ago averaged between a size 12 and 18 while now days plus size models average between a size 6 and 14. Also, Vogue’s magazine model of the year, Gisele Bundchen, is actually 25% underweight. This is causing an extreme backlash in the mental stability of girls and in the health of girls. Media’s affect on girls today shows in the facts.
It is not okay for the media to be portraying these kind of thoughts and bodies into the media which will then leave girls thinking that is the normal and to be normal and successful we all must be extremely thin, under our ideal weight.

Those who may have different opinions on women’s pressure in the media may say that the media isn't what's leading to health issues in girls today. It could be the peer influence in schools and everywhere teens experience it today. Some say peer influence is greater than media’s pressure to not be fat, and therefor peer influence is leading to the health issues today in teens.

In response, the peer influence is definitely a factor in the mental and physical health of teens, but where do you think they get these ideas of women from? If you said media you are correct. If you think about it, the media and internet is where teens go for just about everything and if all of they are seeing is women with impossible standard to meet they are going to try to meet them in order to seek sameness. Which is in fact something your brain does automatically, try to seek sameness and not stand out. So therefore this teen health crisis is basically being shoved down our throats by the media.

I think the media today has definitely affected the way girls now think of their own bodies. All they see are flaws and that they can fix those flaws by becoming skinnier or using beauty products because that is all they see in the media and all they see all around them. And this is why medias pressure on girls is threatening to their health. In the past models used to be curvier and women used to not have as many health problems and not worry about their image as much. If we changed the way media looks at women, maybe women would change the way they view themselves.


The pressure in the media today on achieving the perfect body is threatening the mental and physical health of women. This is important in the media and digital citizenship today because it is majorly affecting the health of girls as young as three on up. These blog comments really helped in clear my idea up to the readers. Although these comments brought out very good points and questions they did not change my mind about this subject. I still think the media is one of the biggest attributes in creating eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. I did further research on my topic when one of my fellow bloggers shared a link with me about banning too skinny of models from the catwalk. This process of blogging and my topic has really changed my opinion about the way we see women in the media and that it is not the normal. The blogging part of this whole assignment was much easier than I thought. I liked the way we wrote everything out then just copy and pasted our whole essay into blogger i thought that made everything much easier. I didn't like the process of commenting however, I tried a couple times on commenting and it said it posted then soon after got deleted so that was very frustrating. But over all blogging was a good experience because for the most part it was very easy to understand the website and publish my blog. I enjoyed learning and blogging on this very controversial topic and hope other people will have the same experiences that I did.


  1. Wow! This is a very informative blog and this taught me so much about the self image women have today because of social media. I personally have never been affected by media in making me change my idea about how I should look. I wonder why 10 years ago the average size for models were 12 to 18, and how now it is 6 to 14. What is the cause of this sudden decrease? I find that women in society today have a certain ideal body image. That ideal body image today is getting skinnier and skinnier. You did a wonderful job of putting out informative information on how media pressures women today.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think the sudden decrease in size among models today is because of this idea of "perfection". This idea has shaped many women's views on their body and others. And yes the women in the media seem to have a certain body image. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Lambsandsheeps101,
    This is a fascinating and really important article that all young females should read. When we see media, especially models and actresses, it is so important for girls to realize that the people they are seeing are not the norm, and that those models do not represent a healthy lifestyle and the vast majority of people. In some countries, however, there are starting to be more rules about how thin is 'too thin'. You may enjoy this article ( Skinny Models Banned From Catwalk ) from CNN about how a major fashion show made a ban on extremely thin models because girls and women were trying to imitate their thin look and suffering greatly from anorexia. This is a very well written and informative blog post. Thanks for sharing all of this information!

    1. Thanks for this article i'm glad to see people are taking action! I thought it was interesting that they had to say no to about 30 percent of the models that trie out because they were too underweight! Thank you for your comment!

  3. This is very true about how women are portrayed it seems as though women have so much weighing on their shoulders as to whom they should be. It is so bad at how young girls are being affected, to me that is just to young. Why is it that girls pick the thinner doll? Why do women need to be so skinny? Women are actually built to weigh 140 pounds. I mean you shouldn't be super over weight but not super underweight either they are both very harmful and can affect you heart. Some of the most terrifying things in your blog post is how 10 year olds, 10 year olds! Worry about being skinny and third graders wish they where thinner. What has happened to these poor kids. Everyone is perfect. This blog has helped me realize that this is a bigger problem than people really believe it is.

    1. I think young girls pick the thinner doll because that is all they see as their idea of beautiful. Women think they need to be so skinny because that is what they see as beautiful and they think to be skinny is to be desired. Thank you for commenting!


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