Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Phone Security in the Modern World

A guy holding an iPhone 6 
In normal life, phones might get stolen. Personal Information on the phone is even easier to get stolen. All the smart phones should have more security on  internet connections and better firewalls to be safe from the hackers and all the attacks. If the phone is physically stolen it should be able to be locked by the owner from his or her own computer and the owners should be able to track down the losing phone. But through the internet the government still does not have a well built system against all the cyber attacks. Most smart phones won’t send you a warning when you are connected to a dangerous internet connection and most of the time smartphone users are hacked because of the internet connection.

Few weeks ago some female celebrities’ icloud accounts got hacked and some personal pictures leaked out. Most of the smart phones system like iOS, and Android, have cloud systems. Although it makes people’s life much easier, it makes the information much more easier to get attacked. Password is a good way to keep your information online safe. For example iCloud Keychain on Macs and iPhones, the system will save all the passwords and bank accounts. I basically use the iCloud Keychain on every website i visit because it makes my life much easier and I don't have anything to hide in my accounts. But for most of people who's in some important business they should never use the iCloud Keychain because it might get hacked. Most of the people set their password really easy to remember like their birthday or 123456. Those password are really easy to get cracked, set a password at least 10 digits and really secure password will help you to keep your information on your phone and in the cloud much safer. It works the same way for you if you have a easy password, it is easier for hackers to crack your password.

Do you know the wifi you are using is safe or not? Most of the laptops will tell you but smartphones won't. When you are at a internet bar or some places with dangerous Wifi sources, your smart phone in your hand won't be smart enough to tell you it is dangerous. Most of the personal information on your phone offline is also liable to get hacked by some the hackers through some bad Wifi source and for sure you will not be informed. I would say do not connect to some random places' wifi. For example you are next to a little food truck with free wifi, please think is this wifi safe before you connect to it. I think smart phone designers should work on this area before they move on to how their next phone's look.

If the Wifi is dangerous then why don't we use cellular data from the carriers, that can be safer than dangerous Wifi connections? UN group announced that hackers can hack your smartphone through the SIM card inside of your phone accessing cellular data. Hackers can make copies of the SIM card and make calls and text people as you. It can make you lose a lot of personal information like bank statements, important business calls, and ruin your friend relationships. I don't think there is a way to prevent that from happening. But if there someone out there is hunting you down, I suggest you change your SIM card as soon as possible.

The new iPhone with the iOS 8 released few weeks ago has a new feature that can lock the phone and secure the phone when it’s lost, it helps a lot to protect personal information on the phone and the phone will be useless until it’s returned to the owner. I believe it is a really good feature. I used Find my Phone on the iCloud before and worked great. You set a password for the phone and lock it down. In my opinion, however the kill switch is better than Find my iPhone because it disables the Phone until the owner personally unlocks it. It cuts off the loophole of Find my iPhone. Some hackers were able to crack the password on the iPhone. This feature will change most of people's life because it is a lower chance of losing your phone or getting stolen by some people.

Technology today helps to make people’s life much easier but meanwhile, i can ruin someone’s life much easier. The government should catch up to make laws that fits the technology and the time period, not just on the computers, for the whole internet. To protect people from hacking. The technology companies should improve their security system on the phones instead of making the phones bigger and bigger, making phones look better, and the Legislative branch should catch up to the technology,make laws that fits the need of the society.

Thank you
Passive Fungi


Phone security in the modern world relies on the people, the smart phone users. Is the smart phone in your hand right now safe enough? I would say No because the smart phones don't have a well set up security system. Update the system on time to keep your phones and laptops save. For example Google Chrome, the upgrades will improve the security on your phone and laptop. Using a secure password, safe Wifi connection. The Touch ID feature on iPhone and Samsung is awesome for security. The password to access the phone changes from numbers, characters, and symbols to simple finger prints. The finger prints on your fingers are unique. The security preferences settings on the smart phones should be improved, easier to set up and more layers of security. The security settings on the smart phones should be the same as the ones on the computers. The most easiest way to keep your own private information save is keep all of the information offline in a hard drive, not connected to any Wifi or internet connections. Smart phone users should also aware what websites they visit, I personally don't use my phone to surf the internet by web browsers. At the end, thanks for all the comments, and advises.


  1. Great blog topic, PassiveFungi. This is an important topic to discuss and make people aware of, since it's so easy to expose ourselves to breaches in safety in this day and age. Your blog contains lots of important information. Excellent job!

  2. Thank You Passive Fungi, for writing your blog on this topic. I had never heard of a SIM card in your phone, so that was very eye opening for me to learn how much power that you can have taken away from you by a hacker. Also I agree when you talked about the Legislative Branch needing to catch up on it's technology laws, because if they don't many problems are bred from it.
    Best Wishes

  3. I like the topic, PassiveFungi. I did not know about the SIM card tidbit. It makes me happy I do not have one! The kill switch debate absolutely amazes me. Is there even a question that consumers should have the right to protect themselves from any online vulnerability, no matter the venue? Education seems to be key. You are correct in stating that the laws on the books do not address the current needs. How does one address current necessities while focusing on future needs, in a constantly changing technological atmosphere? This is a great conversation starter. Keep up the great work!

    1. Education should be the key but we also needs the government to catch up towards the technology. Consumers should have the right to choose their privacy setting, and have more advanced protection setting. Educating the community will make a big change on this issue. Thanks for the questions.


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