Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Video Games; Good or Evil?

Neurology of Gaming.
For the past month my class and I were working on a blog topic. My topic is if the benefits of gaming outweigh the disadvantages. With the research I got I think the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages. Although you can become addicted to video games, some advantages of gaming are improved learning. Playing some video games can improve hand eye coordination and split second decision making (ABC). That's right, playing Guitar Hero actually helps! So when your guardian tells you that those video games are rotting your brain tell them that it actually helps. Playing certain games that are like Guitar Hero and Brain Age can help with your split second decision making, and hand eye coordination. You use Your hand eye coordination everyday! Just think, playing video games can help you with everyday life. Your auditory perception is also important. Auditory perception is how you perceive (hear) sounds. potentially boosting your hearing just by playing a game?

I think yes. But the only way for you to actually help you is if you IMPROVE. Just playing and not getting better would not help as much as improving each time.Research shows that video games can help adults process information faster and help improve their abilities with reason and solve problems in novel contexts(ABC). not only can kids benefit from video games but so can adults( 49% of gamers are 18-49) (ESRB). Processing information faster can be a key role in your life. It can be the reason why you get the job or promotion.

Another way video games are good for you is they have health benefits. It is hard to think that sitting on the couch looking at a screen can have health benefits, but it does. Some benefits are dexterity, and weight loss (Yahoo Health).According to a study reported in Yahoo Health, some Laparoscopic surgeons who played video games had performed better than surgeons who hadn't played video games. The surgeons who had played video games had 32% fewer errors and performed 25% faster than the surgeons who hadn't played. University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center did a study that shows kids ages 10-13 have had as much of a workout, by playing video games, as doing sports or working out. Some kids even burned more calories playing games than those who did a sport . These studies are important because they can help a lot of peoples lives. For example, obesity is a very big problem in the U.S. It is one of the major killers. If you play active video games not only will you be happy but you could burn calories. If you play hard enough then you could be losing pounds while having fun trying to beat your friend's score. Dexterity is good because you use hand eye coordination all the time. You use it while typing or driving.  If you play video games then you will get your hand eye coordination up without even knowing it.

Although there are good things about gaming there is still one thing about it that's bad: Being addicted. Being addicted is not just a phase but a real problem. People who are addicted don’t stop after a couple of years, they stay addicted. Some outcomes of being addicted are depression, anxiety, and social phobia ( News Medical). Once you get addicted it can be hard or almost impossible for you to avoid addiction ( Depending how addicted you are).It is kind of confusing that video games can help and cause depression. What I didn’t know was it can cause anxiety. When I play video games it helps reduce my anxiety and my bad mood. It has sometimes made me change my mind about going out. This depression that you get from video games would help get social phobia and that would build up on the depression. Once you get depressed you will ultimately end up in a cycle and can be hard to get out of.

Although you can get addicted video games are a wonderful thing because they help with learning and health.

Conclusion updated 11/13/2013

By doing this blogger activity learned a lot more than I thought I would. for example I did not know that the NSA collects so much data about us. Also that Photoshop can be so bad. with the comments i got I can gladly say that my opinion has not changed about gaming.  I could have given a little more information about how video games can help with learning.


  1. Hi. I am a huge fan of playing video games and really enjoyed reading your blog about video games, how playing games can help us everyday. Are you saying that teenagers should play games instead of studying? Even though playing games are some what beneficial, I don't think it would help people to gain knowledge. Thank you for posting this and giving something to think about.

    1. Hello Lovely Park. I am not saying that teenagers should not study but if they play video games that relate to the topic at school it might help them. Ex: playing Assassin's Creed 3 while learning about the revolutionary war. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  2. I used to think that playing some certain kinds of video games can improve reaction and memory but I don't know playing video game can bring us those benefits! It's so amazing. Thank you, Thing2. I like to play video games as well, and I agree that it will not get help unless you improve in the game. In my opinion, if you play the video game, you shuold play it well. There is a famous saying that, "No pains, no gains." The benefits of the games only come when you focus on them. If you play it mindlessly, that means you are wasting time. And I also agree to play video game appropriately. It is very easy to be addicted to games and it will affect your health and study. Playing video games is good, but sometimes it can also be evil.

    1. Hello runningman. Thank you for commenting this because it brings me joy to know I have given more knowledge on gaming to people.

  3. Hi, I like the article it has lots of good facts. But what is the point where the video games turn from healthy to dangerous. I enjoy video games on occasion but I never knew that they would help my hand eye coordination and my hearing. Thanks you for posting and giving me a new into the reality of gaming.

    1. Hello supertarrier2017, I think the point where video games turn from healthy to dangerous is when you get addicted. Once you get addicted it can be hard to stop.

  4. Here's an interesting read, Thing2! In this scientific study, adult subjects played Mario 64 on the Nintendo DS 30 minutes a day for two months. Visit the link to find out what impact that had on their brains.


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