Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Foot Prints

The effects of leaving a digital footprint on the internet can be very harmful in many different ways. It can be harmful because everybody can see what you say, do, and look at on the internet, and leaving a comment or cyber bullying online can make a huge effect in the other side of the screen.

When you go on the internet and you look at any website or link it is all recorded by the NSA( National Security Agency) and anybody can see it, especially people you do not even know and the NSA. According to the NSA, their mission is to “Collect, process, analyze, produce, and disseminate signals intelligence information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes to support national and departmental missions.” So they are in your Ads online also target what you see online and zoom in and send ads to your facebook about what you look at online. "The moment we start using a computer, whether it be to log in to Facebook, read a blog, book a flight, buy groceries, do the banking or look up the weekend’s weather forecast, we have already begun to formulate our digital footprint." (The Modern Parent) This sometimes has a destructive effect on your online and life reputation on the internet, in the world, and for your future. The ability of everyone being able to see and look at what you're doing leaves you with exposure. Being exposed on the internet leaves you very vulnerable.

Being exposed online can also reveal a whole new and different personal side of you and it could easily destroy your reputation online and for your future, this Even something that you did not even mean to put on the internet can badly affect your online reputation. And if you said something very personal about yourself like if you give away where you live or your full name everybody can see it which leaves with so much exposure online. If your friends looked you up on Google, they can easily see what you say and what you did in the past. They can really see what kind of a person you really are on the internet. Colleges and jobs search your name on the internet and see if you did anything bad online or in the media. Leaving a personal footprint can affect your reputation online and in the world. A lot of people online have had this affect them.

Certain individuals on the internet say leaving a footprint online can make a positive impact. This is true, but Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it. Leaving a footprint of cyber bullying can affect your life in the future, because some colleges look for a background check of you and what you have done in the past. If they see something bad that you have done, like cyber bullying or any other bad things, they ignore everything about you.

The evidence that I put here is overwhelming with the effect of leaving a footprint. Leaving a digital footprint has many other effects leaving proof on the internet about what you did or saw can be, what other saw the what you said or did and easily reveal another side of you that you do not want other people to see and, Third Thing, can all be harmful to you when you're on the internet. Internet is a hard place to stay safe in for a long time so we need to be aware and concern about our actions and all of our consequences.

Updated 11/14/13

I want to add that some websites like Facebook or Google give away or sell your information to other people online. They have permission to do this because people agree to their terms of service. “Google’s privacy policies explain how we treat your personal data and protect your privacy when you use our Services.” This means that google has the right to invade through your personal data and do whatever they want if it. This can disrupt your footprint online by putting your data or your information everywhere. When you agree to the terms of service with Facebook they have permission to keep all your data. Facebook does this because if you leave they want you to come back and start where you left off. Facebook still keeps all your post or comments you have so can just start using their services again. When you said yes to their terms and services you gave them permission to keep all your data. Facebook only wants more people using their services.

As a result, services like Google and Facebook pose a great threat to your online footprint and to your experience on the internet. Services like Google sell or give away your personal data and your privacy. Services like Facebook make you agree to them having permission to keep or to give away all your personal information. Is it really worth it? Is it worth selling your privacy to use their services. I say it is not because it poses a great threat to your privacy and your online experience on the internet.


  1. Hello there! In your post, I liked how you explained why having a digital footprint can be harmful, because I found it very interesting. In your blog post, you explained how Ads are seen on your computer depending on what you look at online. I was wondering if the NSA can also see the Ads that are displayed on your computer. Thanks! -Stephanie

    1. Thank you Stephanie for leaving me with a great comment. - Le Master Trole

  2. Hello Master Trole! I enjoyed reading your post about the collection of personal information from online activity and the creation of a digital footprint. I agree with you that a negative footprint can have serious consequences for college and job applications. You mentioned that people can also leave a positive footprint. How do people change their footprint? Can you think of any examples? I am interested in your thoughts on this topic. --Mrs. Riches

    1. Thank you Mrs.Riches for leaving a good comment. It is very hard to change your footprint online especially on Facebook. On Facebook if you delete a post or delete your profile on Facebook it still has everything thing about your profile for you so you can come back. Facebook wants you to come back so they do not delete everything. - Le Master Trole

  3. Master Trole,

    I enjoyed reading your post. It was interesting to learn about how our digital footprints can effect us later in our lives, and that one post or one comment could come back to you when you are applying for jobs later in life. It is also somewhat scary to know how much information that the NSA has on us. It seems almost impossible for the NSA to keep track of all of us. One thing that I learned from your blog, is that once something is posted, it can't be completely taken down. It will always be there. This is nerve racking because sometimes we post things just because, and they will always be there.

    Overall, Great blog!

    Jesse Goldstone

  4. Jesse, Thank you for your wonderful comment. - Le Master Trole


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