Monday, August 12, 2013


9th Grade Seminar
The purpose of this blog is to serve as a public space for discourse on some topics very relevant to students coming of age in the digital world, bombarded by media, and faced with decisions that often need to be made long before they are ready for them. This is where we plan to share current events, pressing issues, and work some things out for ourselves. Our working definition of Digital Citizenship is "Using technology safely, responsibly and ethically, critically, appropriately, and productively." There is a lot packed into that definition, so we will break apart each element as we determine what it means for each of us, considerations for putting it into practice, and how it applies to the topics we choose to research.

During the trimester, students will be responsible for concise analyses of chosen articles from the media, related to various topics we discuss in class. The writing style and format may be less formal than a traditional essay, but good, solid writing is what we are after nonetheless. Students are also required to comment on each others' work as regularly as possible and are encouraged to share their work with a wider audience (via social networks or other online spaces) to gather as much feedback as they can. At the end of the trimester,  students will reflect on their own writing, the comments of others, and further research they have done to flesh out their ideas and opinions more thoroughly. They will then write a final reflective piece on their topic and their experience publishing online to a very public audience. After all, how better to know what it means to be a good digital citizen than to actually practice being one!

With good citizenship in mind, please review the Blogging & Commenting Guidelines in the sidebar and join us on our journey.

Ms. Gerla and Mr. Chissoe


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Our comments will be moderated, meaning someone will approve them before they appear. Please remember the authors are 9th graders, and have chosen a topic of interest to them to explore in more depth as it pertains to digital citizenship and media literacy.

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--follow the writing process.

We welcome your thoughtful contributions, especially those that might help us improve our work or expand our thinking on these topics.

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